GULF POWER is a Saudi market leader in the design and manufacture of power solutions including diesel generator sets, Control panels, Fuel systems…etc.
To ensure the maximum quality of all our products. We also incorporate components from leading brands that consolidate our position in the market with a premium product.

GulfPower is the only manufacturer of generators in Saudi Arabia with a Saudi Specifications and Standards Certificate SASO and has also received ISO certificates in management and ISO 18001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / ISO 45001, in addition to SEISMIC certificate)

We meet different needs of power generators ranging from 9 to 3400 kVA as high speed engines (1800 RPM or 1500 RPM) and more than 3400 kVA as medium speed engines (900 RPM or 1000). We also provide customers with full solutions to their needs such as: electrical panels (ATS, Synchronization panel, MDB) and all of the panels are built by GULFPOWER.
Other solutions for genset accessories are available, such as fuel tanks and fuel system. Additional to that we provide full solutions to our customers by turnkey with supplying and installing the gensets and all of the required accessories to the customer's site.

We provide integrated engineering services to our customers from initial designs to final accreditation, after sales support and spare parts throughout the Kingdom.

We serve a variety of customers, including:

-Government and semi-government contractors
-Food companies
-Petrochemical companies
-Retail companies
-Oil and gas companies
-Electrical accessories industries. 
-Electrical accessories industries. 

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