We provide integrated solutions for farmers, from the initial planning, through the specification of work and machinery specifications to final approval and ensure the maximum productivity of the customer with outstanding after-sales services throughout the Kingdom.

We offer a variety of solutions in the agricultural sector, including:

-Product solutions: wheat, cotton and water solutions.

- Agricultural machines: We provide John Deere equipment, which is distinguished by the world by providing various agricultural machines such as harvesters and plows.

- Agricultural Power Engines: We are proud to offer Volvo Penta power engines that can continue to work stunningly for 16-24 hours a day despite the weather conditions in the Kingdom.

- Electric motors:

We provide the best quality and best-performing engines from internationally recognized brands such as the National Association of Electrical Manufacturers (NEMA) and the European Efficiency Mark, which enhances the confidence of the user and the manufacturer of the commitment of the engines to the global requirements and suitability for demanding applications. US Motors is the world leader in the engine industry with a high efficiency to meet the various requirements of customers, the power of the engines ranging from 0.01 to 5,000 hp, and includes various types of electric motors from engines for general applications, and Rkat Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, engines Applications Ltd. engines for special applications.

-Drip Irrigation Systems:

Our drip irrigation system is the result of many years of research at John Deere with the aim of increasing agricultural efficiency.

- Pumps and Gear:

Since 1982, we have been manufacturing pumps under license from Randolph Company, and then expanded to include the gear motor operator in 1993. We work closely with our colleagues at Alkhorayef Industries, which owns and operates a unique factory to produce these products and then market them in Alkhorayef business.

We serve a variety of customers, including:

- Government and semi-government projects.

- Retail companies.

- Agricultural projects.

- Food companies.

- Retail companies.

- Oil and gas sector.

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