Our Establishment

Alkhorayef group was established in 1957, and since then our group has become a pioneer and diversified in the industrial sector. Alkorayef group is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and featured with high quality and service. Through time, the presence of the Alkhorayef group expanded to an international presence in more than 40 countries on the six continents. Alkhorayef group is a partner with famous brands in providing services and products to local and international customers by representing and branding international brands and many products and technologies based on solutions to life in the areas of water, food and energy. In our belief in the principle of sustainable growth. We as Alkhorayef group apply our strategies towards employment, resource mobilization, and investment expansion to increase our resources and growth.

Our Vision

Sustainable solutions for life in the areas of water, food and energy.

Our Mission

To be a key partner for sustainable growth and to work toward enrich peoples business by providing appropriate solutions in different sectors and geographiesphies

Our values

-Excellence: We use our energies, skills and resources in order to achieve the best sustainable results for our company and its partners and customers by investing all our operational and financial capabilities.

-Confidence: We instill confidence in our quality, credibility and potential among our partners and customers.

-Our customers: We put our customers as a focus and priority for everything we offer, listen to their desires and accommodate their expectations, as we strive to exceed the ceiling of their expectations to provide better and faster service.

Commitment: We abide by all our promises and uphold all our principles in all our dealings-

-Cooperation: We work hand in hand with our partners and customers to achieve common goals through continuous communication and constant search for ways to succeed with optimism and confidence.